What support can I get as a developer?

We are here to help you!

Below you can find all support Billit provides to developers.

  • We have our FAQ on this website. you can find them under "Guides". Here you can find some Basic questions on how to get started.
    Api Documenation and FAQ

  • A quickstart guide has been put in place to provide you a jumping Start! Navigate to your use case and see how others were able to get starting quickly! If the use case cannot be found below and no information can help you feel free to contact Support!

  • We have our public website which contains a help article for almost every other thing in Billit.
    Billit help page

  • When you cannot find your question in the links provided above, you are free to send us a support ticket. This will get you in touch with a Billit Support member, if the issue cannot be solved by them the question will be passed through to an Engineer who will help you.
    You can open a support ticket via the Platform or via [email protected]

Premium Support

The premium Support plan allows you to have a direct contact within the Billit team. A engineer will be a meeting or chat away to provide you the best integration possible.