What support can I get as a developer?

We are here to help you!

Below you can find all support Billit provides to developers.

  • We have our FAQ on this website. you can find them under "Guides". Here you can find some Basic questions on how to get started.
    Api Documenation and FAQ

  • We have our public website which contains a help article for almost every other thing in Billit.
    Billit help page

  • When you cannot find your question in the links provided above, you are free to send us a support ticket. This will get you in touch with a Billit Support member, if the issue cannot be solved by them the question will be passed through to an Engineer who will help you.
    You can open a support ticket via the Platform or via [email protected]

  • If really needed you can ask for a meeting with one of our API Engineers. They will have a one on one with you and try and help you get to a solution.