Approval process

Yes, I want to be Approved!

Nice! You arrived at one of the most important pages.

You have built your integration and want it to be published on the integration page of Billit. Or you want to go public with it.

Well just check if you did everything below and then you should be ready to go!

Billit Integration Review Flow

Is the integration working as expected on Sandbox?

  • :white-check-mark: Perfect, please plan a demo meeting with one of our API engineers. How do I request a demo for my integration?

  • :triangular-flag-on-post: If the integration is not working as you expect please keep working on it, since the API Engineer will decline the allowance for production in this case. In case you need assistance, or you do not know how to do a certain thing with our API you can visit the following page What support can I get as a developer?

The next step will be bringing over the integration to production.

  • :white-check-mark: When this is successful and you tested the integration you can email us at [email protected] Once approved you will be sent to our marketing team and or Partner team who will handle the rest.

  • :triangular-flag-on-post: If the swap to production was not successful and you can't seem to find why, please do contact support with as much documentation as you can.

This is it! When you completed the flow above you are ready, good job and thanks for building your awesome integration.