How can I read/save a file

Psst, it's based on the number 64

There's a few endpoints in the Billit API that return files, such as Order, Document and believe it or not File.

A File will consist of a FileID, Filename, MimeType and FileContent.

  • The FileID can be used to retreive a file from the File endpoint
  • The FileName can be the name
  • The MimeType is always in the "type/subtype" form, more info about the types can be found here Basics of HTTP - MIME_types
  • The FileContent is Base64 encoded

Example to save the filecontent as a pdf:

byte[] PDFDecoded = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Str);

File.WriteAllBytes(@"c:\pdfFromBillit.pdf", PDFDecoded);