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Payments of an order

How to get the payments of an order ?

Order signed

Is there a way to find if an order is signed via API. Thanks in advanced

Order signed

Is there a way to find if an order is signed via API. Thanks in advanced

Total number of parties, invoices...

Hi How can I request the total number of Parties/Orders/... via an API call? I need to receive this number to achieve correct pagination in my data grid. Thanks

Refuse an Invoice via API

Hi, When receiving Peppol invoices via API, how can I refuse an Invoice ? To confirm / accept an invoice there is the **/v1/peppol/inbox/{inboxItemId}/confirm** endpoint. What is the equivalent for refusing an invoice ? Cheers, David.

Query: totaal parties

Beste <br /> Op welke manier kan ik het totaal aan Parties/Orders/... via een api call opvragen? Ik zou dit aantal moeten terugkrijgen om correcte paginering in mijn datagrid te verkrijgen. <br /> Alvast bedankt voor uw antwoord. <br /> Met vriendelijke groeten <br /> Joris Van Vossel

Peppol Invoice status stuck at 'In queue' ?

Hi, So I am just getting started with Billit and I am loving it so far, however when trying to send an invoice through PEPPOL to one of my test accounts using the sandbox environment. All my attempts are getting stuck at the 'In queue' status ? I tried to send one to the Billit test account and it got sent successfully. Am I missing something important ? like enabling auto send PEPPOL invoices or some setting I have to check ? **PS**: yes I did register my test accounts in PEPPOL and can query them all fine using the: **/v1/peppol/participantInformation/{VATorCBE}** endpoint. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Spicififying customerType Order API

How can i specify which customertype my customer need to be. It keeps the customer to company, but i need to be able to change it to private. Thanks in advance.

Adding bookingEntries

When using the endpoint for adding bookingentries, I get a 200 HTTP response from the server, but no message back. The result is not showing. I add booking entries to an invoice that is in draft mode, based upon a booking i do in a agenda system, but the result is not shown in the invoice details. What can I do? What do I miss? This is my json [ { "BookingEntryID": 5, "OrderID": 667281, "AccountCode": 517516, "Amount": 150, "DebetOrCredit": "Debet", "VAT1": 21, "VAT2": 0, "VAT3": 0 } ] Who can help? I want to be able to add lines until the project is closed and then send the invoice out.

HTTP vs HTTPS calls give different results?

I was testing the <http://api.sandbox.billit.be/v1/orders> POST endpoint. When running the call with 'HTTP' the call works but gives a list of all existing orders instead of creating a new order. When running the same call with 'https' it works like expected.