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Where do i find the OPEN API specification

Where is the EDMX file for the odata service?

Unable to add Parties in Billit through API

We tried to Post Parties to Billit through API. But we are getting same party id everytime, even though we send different Party details. Could you please help us with the issue? **API :** <https://api.sandbox.billit.be/v1/parties/> **RequestType **: Post **Request 1:** ![](https://files.readme.io/e8520c0-image.png) **Request 2:** ![](https://files.readme.io/af09739-image.png) Thanks in Advance!!

Add orderlines to existing order

Hi, Is it possible to update / patch an order and supply it with additional orderlines? The usecase is the following: I create an order with 1 orderline. Each time the customer creates a certain product I want to add this product to the existing order. I've tried doing this via the patch method of the orders endpoint, but I get an exception. My used url: <https://api.sandbox.billit.be/v1/orders/628700> (HTTP METHOD PATCH) My used JSON: { "OrderLines" : [ { "Quantity" : 1, "UnitPriceExcl" : 30, "Description" : "Some description of the product", "VATPercentage" : 21.0 } ] } I get this response: { "errors": [ { "Code": "GenericError", "Description": "No valid properties or values were supplied. A common mistake is to use \"true\" instead of true (without quotation marks)" } ] }

Find orders for given aprty

Hello. Is there any clean way to get all the orders for a given party (PartyID) using the API? It seems the only way to search for orders is with a fullTextSearch query parameters, which could lead to wrong results. Customers name could not be sufficient to identify themselves. Regards, Jonathan

CompanyId header

Hi, The documentation mentions: "If there is more than 1 company linked to your user, you will have to keep in mind that you will have to use the companyID of the relevant company in the header in combination with your API key. Otherwise Billit will take the first one created." <https://docs.billit.be/docs/authentication> How should I send the CompanyId in the header?


What fields am I allowed to update? The `Paid` field I can update, but how about an orderline or customer address?

Using these examples

How would you use these examples ('Try It') if you cannot specify an ApiKey anywhere? All responses are the same, no ApiKey set.